William Greenhouse

What Memories Are Made Of

You can’t insure your memory, but you can insure your memories by writing them down. Without memory, our lives would not exist as we know it. The workings of memory have fascinated scientists for thousands of years, but much is still shrouded in mystery. In this piece, we delve into what we do know to answer that age-old question: what is memory?

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How Do I Find Someone to Write My Life Story?

Everyone has a book inside them, so they say! And when it comes to writing the story of your life, no-one can do it better than you. But unless you’re a professional, writing a book is not easy. If you want to turn your memories into beautiful words your family will cherish, then hiring a ghostwriter could be for you. Here’s how.

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A Project To Live For and a Life Worth Living 

When you reminisce about all of those good times you shared, like the music you danced to in your kitchen, you’re swept into the past. The friendly smell of that soap, the feel of a familiar sweater, it all stimulates your brain helping you stay focused on the present, while ever mindful of your beautiful LifeBook past.

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Our 2022 Rewind

Our 2022 Rewind The world’s leading memoir service keeps on growing. Somehow, January is already over! Like one of our

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Corporate History Testimonial – SteelFab, Inc.

LifeBook had the honour of helping SteelFab, Inc. write their corporate history “From Cottonfields to Skyscrapers”. We learned about their fascinating journey from a small handrail fabrication shop in Charlotte, NC to their position today as one of the nation’s largest suppliers of fabricated structural steel.

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