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Why Write An Autobiography?

Write an autobiography to preserve a legacy

As autobiography writers we’ve heard many stories of regrets. Regrets that you never knew your father’s childhood stories. Regret that you never held on to that box of letters. Regret that you waited until it was too late. But your story doesn’t need to be the story of what if–it can be the story of memories. Of preserving legacies. Of a gift that gives back. How? Write an autobiography. Before it’s too late. 

But how can you write an autobiography? And why would you–you may just be an ordinary man, with an ordinary life. But the truth is, you’re extraordinary. And we’re here to help you put pen to paper. 

Your life story is unique to you, and you alone. You may have spent your retired years reminiscing on the old days by sharing stories of your life with your family. But one day, your ability to share those stories, to remember the fine details may dissipate. 

While recording your life story is beneficial to you–both cognitively for mental stimulation and emotionally when you share your stories with others–when you give your loved ones the gift of your autobiography, those special moments, those beloved anecdotes, will be cherished for all time. 

By writing an autobiography, you are able to preserve your legacy that leaves the fear of what if behind.

Write an autobiography to reconcile past choices

You may not think about it now, but your life decisions, no matter how big or small, have made you into the person you are today. While you may not want to remember the bad times, those were just as important in shaping who you are today as all of the good times, too. 

All those feelings of disappointment, of falling outs, they meant something to you all those years ago. Today, they have a bigger impact than you realize. They may even be causing you to feel unhappy without you even knowing. 

But when you write an autobiography, you get the opportunity to revisit the past and see the ways those moments have changed you for the better. To offer perspective and advice to a younger generation and to offer insight into your life story. 

Write to inform your family of time lost

Your family may think they know everything there is to know about you. But have you told them the stories of the first time your heart was broken? Or the time you fell out of a tree? Or the story of your first family pet? The stories that meant so much to you, that should be your loving side, your adventurous spirit, and your compassion. 

When you write an autobiography, you give your family a gift that gives back for generations to come. 

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