A Project To Live For and a Life Worth Living 

Everyone needs a reason to live for tomorrow

Interlocked fingers. The smell of Irish Spring soap. The way his sweaters kept him warm and made you feel safe, too. His unending support all of your dreams no matter how big or small. The ring of coffee his mug would leave on the kitchen table used to drive you crazy, but now you wish you could see it one last time.

Though he’s been gone for years now, the wound is fresh. You lost not only your husband but your best friend, your support system. A part of your world.

Loneliness has become part of your daily routine, how to hide from it and ultimately, how to cope. While the emotional strain may seem unending, it doesn’t have to be. And for your own well-being, you should find ways to honor the memory of your loved one while being able to peacefully exist in your new world. Not just for you, but for the family you still have with you on earth.

Depression in Old Age

Studies link loneliness to major health obstacles, like Alzheimer’s and dementia, in the elderly. With 6.5 million older Americans fighting a silent battle with depression each year, depression in old age isn’t a battle you have to face alone.

Initiatives are in place to create an easy to remember telephone number for an emergency suicide hotline to ensure that when you need a listening ear, your cries for help won’t be missed. Combating depression in old age is more common than you’d think.

Loneliness can be isolating, but life is still worth living. You still have a passion inside of you.

When we share stories of our past with the ones we hold closest, even those stories where all the characters are no longer with us, it’s not only preserving our loved ones’ memory but making your own memory stronger.

When you reminisce about all of those good times you shared together— like the music you danced to in your kitchen, preceded by yet another argument about those coffee ring stains, you’re swept into the past.

The friendly smell of that soap, the feel of a familiar sweater, it all stimulates your brain helping you stay focused on the present, while ever mindful of your beautiful LifeBook past.

Recording Your Story

How can you ensure that your life story, your earth-shattering romance is remembered? When you write your autobiography or memoir, you’ll benefit from the cognitive stimulation. This helps fight dementia and enjoy the human companionship and interaction during the process, which will help cope with loneliness. Your family will be glad you shared your story too as they will have the gift of a LifeBook at their fingertips–your life story.

Everyone needs a reason to live for tomorrow. That’s why LifeBook Memoirs is our project to live for. And your reason to keep reminiscing, remembering.