Our 2022 Rewind

The world’s leading memoir service keeps on growing.

Somehow, January is already over! Like one of our memoir projects, it’s seemed to zoom by. Before we look forward, however, it’s always good to look back and reflect on what has been achieved throughout the year, and at LifeBook Memoirs we have made some exciting progress. Not only have we printed hundreds of new memoirs for our authors and their loved ones, but we have also introduced some key developments across our business. Here are just a few of those new 2022 additions.

Our new website

One of the more easily visible new additions regular interested parties will have noticed is the revamp of our website. This was made with two key points of focus. The first was to modernize the look and feel of the website so that it would accurately reflect our bespoke, hand-crafted memoirs. Our second aim was to make navigation and access to key information more streamlined for website users, which we believe we have done with our newly created homepage. From our marketing and sales teams to our in-house memoir editors, this has truly been a whole-team effort and a significant undertaking. We look forward to its continued growth in 2023 and onwards.

Gifter presentation pack

Something you may find interesting is that the majority of our projects are actually gifts from one member of a family to another. Who wouldn’t want to learn more about their mother, father, grandfather, or grandmother? The orginal idea behind LifeBook Memoirs, of course, came from our founder, Roy Moëd, encouraging his father to get his stories down in print.

These projects used to have an obstacle to them: the gifter would have to explain who we are and what we can provide to the recipient. Our new gifter presentation pack removes this issue by providing those explanations in a video presentation. This accompanies every gifted welcome pack we send to our future authors. The video includes detailed one-on-ones with both of our founders, as well as testimonials from our authors and from recipients of gifted LifeBook Memoirs projects. To watch this video or to learn more about gifting a project, visit our gifting page.

Sample writing styles

Throughout our history, our focus has always been on writing and printing memoirs with which our authors are delighted and which they are proud to put their names to. Our ghostwriters are an integral part of ensuring that each project achieves these aims. To help understand each of our authors’ expectations of how their book should read, and to help direct our ghostwriters, we have formalized how writing styles are discussed and selected.

In 2022, we developed a document which outlines three potential styles: “formal,” “conversational” (slightly informal, adhering to how the author speaks), and “accessible” (the middle ground between these two options). There is no correct style in which to write a memoir—it’s purely a matter of identifying each author’s personal preference.

Included in the document are short writing samples which clearly demonstrate each writing style and highlight the differences between them. From there, authors can make an informed, simple, and fast choice as to how they want their book to read and what their ghostwriter and editor should work toward.

These are just some of the key developments that we have undertaken over the past year, as we continue our work to be the best globally accessible memoir partner for any would-be author.

From everyone at LifeBook Memoirs, we wish all of you a very happy 2023!