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A LifeBook Autobiography – A Gift with Real Meaning

An autobiographical journey can bring renewed purpose and inspiration to older people. Moreover, all of the people who have gifted a LifeBook Memoirs project to a loved one express the joy it has given the family, probing fascinating discussions and enabling amazing discoveries about the past.

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LifeBook’s latest project: “The Real Life of Brian”

The LifeBook Memoirs team is very proud to announce the completion of Brian Hallard’s autobiography “The Real Life of Brian”. The project was gifted to Brian by his two sons who were present when he was being presented with his finalized copies in the library of a lovely private club in central London.

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From the Queen’s Coronation to My Grandma’s Biscuit Tin

Everyone has a story to tell and, yes, yours is every bit as interesting as anything you’ll find on the shelf in your nearest bookshop. Your life story is shaped by your experiences, your memories, and your own stamp on social history. Think about how many millions of people would recount the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II differently.

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LifeBook’s Founder Talks to Alara Kap from Based Istanbul

Alara Kap talks about how he fell in love with LifeBook Memoirs during a family gathering where he found himself listening closely to the story of Roy Moëd. He likes how, from the first words to the first heartbreaks, unkept promises to kept secrets, LifeBook reveals as much as one is willing to; without any judgment or prejudice.

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The Times Visits LifeBook

Dave Waller from The Times visited LifeBook’s, LifeBook Memoirs’ parent company, head office for an interview with founder Roy Moëd. The interview resulted in David’s article “For everybody’s life story, there’s a ghostwriter”. He was intrigued by the titles of the memoirs in the bookshelf, including Unfinished Journey, I Hate Ships and Oil Companies.

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LifeBook Joins Reader’s Digest’s Latest Podcast

In Reader’s Digest’s latest podcast, LifeBook Memoirs is in the good company of best-selling novelist Santa Montefiore, who talks about her new book Daughters of Castle Deverill, singer-songwriter Harriet and debut writer Kit de Waal. Moreover, the editorial team discusses the transition from childhood to adulthood.

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BBC: Recording Your Life Story in a Book Just Got Easier

We were very honored to be featured in BBC’s article “Memoirs are no longer just for the rich and famous” telling the stories of memoir gifters Ali Levin and memoir author Ichko Gombodorj. The article also covers the inspiration behind the company and how the LifeBook Memoirs expert team delivers the service.

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The Last Months with My Dad Inspired My Business Idea

Roy Moëd, Founder of LifeBook Memoirs, story caught the attention of The Daily Mail. Roy talks about how an exercise to put purpose back into his dad’s life and give him a reason to look forward to tomorrow led to the idea of LifeBook Memoirs. The interviews for his memoir quickly became the highlight of his father’s week.

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LifeBook in the News Raising War Story Awareness!

LifeBook Memoirs has taken to the airwaves to help highlight the importance of capturing the war stories for future generations. Important historical events and anecdotes of major significance. We have been featured in The IrishExaminer, The Guardian, The Independent, The Herald Scotland and on Sky News and ITV.

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