Nigel Gray’s Photographic Masterpiece Memoir

Nigel Gray: a photographer … in front of the lens

Another autobiography was added to our LifeBook Memoirs library recently – none other than that of Nigel Gray, one of the authors who featured in our recent national television campaign.

A professional photographer, Nigel’s book features magnificent photo collages of some of his best work; not forgetting to mention that he is the proud owner of one of our favourite LifeBook dustcovers.

We were delighted that he opted to receive the copies of his LifeBook at our headquarters as it is always a great pleasure to share that special moment with a newly completed author.

As seen below, Nigel’s LifeBook interviewer (Sean) also visited us for his author’s big day.

(L-R) Sean Walters (Nigel’s Interviewer), Nigel Gray (LifeBook Author), Roy Moëd (LifeBook Founder).

Congratulations, Nigel, for completing the book! We can’t thank you enough for being part of our national television campaign – and congratulations also for still being able to fit into that same shirt several decades after its original outing.

The TV campaign that Nigel participated in: