LifeBook Completes Their Latest Corporate History: SteelFab, Inc.

LifeBook Memoirs completes its first American corporate history project

Last month, the team at LifeBook Memoirs were delighted to receive finished copies of the latest corporate history completed by our LifeBook Bespoke team. This was also the first American corporate history completed by our team.

From Cotton Fields to Sky Scrapers: The Story of SteelFab, Inc. is a highly illustrated corporate history which chronicles the rise of what began as a small family business in ornamental handrails in the 1950s and is now a leader of the steel fabrication trade.

How the book was written

In May 2017, LifeBook Memoirs bespoke director, Yvette Conn, along with a specialist corporate interviewer-ghostwriter, spent a week at the SteelFab, Inc. head office in Charlotte, NC. During this time, they conducted face-to-face interviews with SteelFab, Inc.’s management team. Through these interviews, our own extensive research and working closely with SteelFab, Inc.’s chairman and CEO, Glenn Sherrill, our team was able to build a full historical picture of the company. Within this, they documented their journey and the philosophies that have given them the outstanding reputation they have today.

The text was carefully edited by our in-house professional team. Then, our art director compiled all the material into a beautifully designed and highly artistic tome which now sits proudly in both the SteelFab, Inc. offices. It also sits in LifeBook Memoirs’ own private library.

SteelFab, Inc. corporate history: From Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers

Why write a corporate history

LifeBook Memoirs is all about creating private legacies for families to share with future generations; corporate histories are no different. To every business, there is a personal, human side which can often be lost amongst financial reports and annual reviews. LifeBook Memoirs specializes in relating the human story to the business story. Within these stories, we detail how the two are inextricably linked. We also preserve them for both future employees and the families involved. Glenn Sherrill sums up the importance of this in the foreword of From Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers:

After 62 years, we believe the timing is appropriate for the story of our family business, SteelFab, Inc., to be put into writing for future colleagues and family members to read.

This book is intended to preserve the early history of SteelFab, Inc. so that the company’s future employees and leaders may remain mindful of the company’s beginnings, the values, and the culture originally instilled in SteelFab, Inc.’s philosophy by J. Glenn Sherrill.

If you own a business and would like its legacy preserved, please contact us.

Caroline – Bespoke Managing Editor