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Roy’s Story – Helping the Elderly

We are very honored that LifeBook Memoirs’ founder Roy has been included in Dr Tamara Howard’s new book, “Putting the soul back into business”. Tamara’s book is a documentation of a common phenomenon sweeping the world of business – the search for meaning and soul. Many companies are now seeking to be guided by an overarching purpose beyond profit.

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Strike A Light – Arts & Heritage

We at LifeBook Memoirs are proud to support the Strike a Light arts and heritage community that relentlessly works with children and community groups, such as Croydon Council. Strike a Light aims to strike a balance between art and heritage in a community-minded way that teaches and inspires, whilst helping to revitalize public spaces.

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LifeBook, a Lasting Legacy – Dreaming a Nation

Dreaming a Nation, which follows the life of Sir Frederick Smith and charts the independence of Barbados, was produced by LifeBook Memoirs for Sir Frederick’s family and the book is also available to buy via Amazon. This fascinating memoir has gotten raving reviews which we would like to share with you.

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Corporate History – LifeBook CustomBespoke

Having captured the fascinating story of one of the largest renewable energy companies in the world, we are now at the exciting stage of editing the manuscript. The recently retired chief executive has been here at the LifeBook Memoirs office to give instructions to the editorial team to ensure his company’s story is perfectly told.

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BBC Radio 4 Presenter Nick Baker Visits LifeBook

LifeBook Memoirs was featured in “Niche work if you can get it” on BBC Radio 4. The program was transmitted on the 17th January 2018 on BBC Radio 4. Nick Baker and his producer Leanne Coyle came to interview our founder Roy and other team members about the niche work they do and the service we provide.

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Reasons to Give Dad a LifeBook™ for Father’s Day

Anyone looking to find a special gift for their father will know it is not always easy to come up with a gift idea that he doesn’t already have. Dad is most likely the sort who has already bought everything he needs – including your intended gift! What about a memoir? It is a very unique and personal gift for your father.

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LifeBook Charity – An Evening With Chickenshed

LifeBook Memoirs was delighted to donate a memoir project for the Chickenshed Grand Auction to raise money and support their pioneering work through theatre and music! Many of the people Chickenshed have helped over the years were present at the auction and shared their amazing stories. Stories perfect for a memoir.

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The First Greek LifeBook – An Opus Odyssey

Caroline, LifeBook Memoirs bespoke project manager, elaborates on why she decided to join LifeBook™ in October 2015. With an academic publishing background and a love for history and literature, it was a perfect fit. Last year she got the opportunity to manage a very interesting project. An autobiography written in Greek.

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Bespoke LifeBook: Love and Laughter in a Suitcase

LifeBook Memoirs was honored to welcome Virginia Bayless and her daughter Brenda to the office for a coffee and cake presentation. Brenda’s final manuscript was over 152,000 words. We upgraded her memoir to our beautiful larger format hand-bound and stitched linen book and it is one of the biggest books in our library.

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The Very First LifeBook: Jules Moëd, Life Is For Living

Jules talks about his memoir and the story behind the title “Life is for sharing”. “I wasn’t too ambitious, I decided that life was for living. I didn’t work too late or come in too early. I had a nice business, I didn’t have sleepless nights, and I just ran a business. I didn’t make big profits but enough to live on and I was happy that way.”

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