Give Mom the Gift of a LifeBook This Mother’s Day

Let her know how much you love her this Mother’s Day with the gift of a LifeBook

She’s the woman who gave you life or maybe gave you a new start at it. She changed diapers, made school lunches, cheered you on at events, supported you in all your passions, and set you up for a life of success. You never know how to express just how much she means to you, and how much you appreciate the sacrifices she had to make to ensure you had all you needed to thrive. This Mother’s Day, give mom a gift so meaningful, that she can cherish for years to come. If you want to tell your mom just how much you care, consider giving her the gift of a LifeBook – her own autobiography.

Why LifeBook Memoirs?

Consider all of the gifts you’ve given your mom throughout the years. Sure, the macaroni noodle frame was cute when you were a child, but now you have to step it up. Chances are, your mom doesn’t want another “MOM” bracelet or “World’s Best Mom” mug. Even the gift certificates are beginning to feel impersonal. That’s why you need LifeBook Private Autobiography.

You’ve grown up listening to your mom’s stories from her childhood, maybe even her own narratives about her mother. But wouldn’t it be special for her to have those stories preserved for generations to come?

Whether you want your mom to tell her story on her own, or you want to lump Father’s Day with it, LifeBook Private Autobiography has packages available in a variety of formats so your mom can share the most precious story, her life’s moments, in a beautifully bound book.

The gift of sharing, the art of remembering

When it comes to family stories, so much is told orally, meaning that many anecdotes can be lost in the vortex of time. By giving your mother a LifeBook memoir, she is able to reminisce and reflect on her life’s moments, while being able to pass down these stories, these family legacies, for future generations.

Not only is this a gift for mom, but it’s also a gift for you, for your children, for your siblings. Your mother’s wisdom, her knowledge of the world, and how things have changed, are so invaluable, that time should not allow these memories to be forgotten.

We know that family stories can bridge gaps between generations, to explain the innate difference that sometimes can cause conflict, because we simply do not take the time to understand our different life experiences. These books not only are a beautiful experience for the receiver, but they can help connect generations who feel like they live worlds apart.

Your mother is the most influential person, the most remarkable woman, in your life. Let her know how much you love her this Mother’s Day with the gift of a LifeBook–her life story.

It’s her story. Told by her. Written by us.

Learn about the autobiography steps here. Then, contact our compassionate team today.