The Gift Of A LifeBook

What about a memoir as a Christmas gift?

The holidays are coming, and that means we are all making our lists, checking them twice, and racking our brains for gift ideas for those who managed to earn a coveted spot on the list of “nice.” Today, life seems to move at the speed of light. The current age of technology is the epitome of a blessing and a curse, as the blessing is undoubtedly immeasurable, but the curse component can be downright painful.

Remember door-to-door salespeople? Encyclopedias? Actual books?

How about long-distance phone charges? Phones with rotary dialing? A phone with a cord that was permanently connected to a wall?

Getting up to change the channel on the television? Black and white TV sets? NO television?

And remember when society, and yes, we, ourselves, didn’t expect immediate attention, responses, and gratification? There are play dates to schedule and meetings to hold and extracurricular activities to attend and laundry to do and ailing family members, and what the heck is in the dog’s mouth?! Oh, and by the way…did you schedule that annual vet visit yet?

You get the point. No one has time to shop, let alone find something creative. It was in that very sort of hustle and bustle of an average day, feeling overwhelmed by all similar unwavering demands of life, and faced with the challenge of two elderly parents who needed full-time care, when the “aha” moment came to LifeBook Memoirs’ founder Roy Moëd.

The very best gifts in life are intangible. You can’t feel them with your hands; you feel them with your heart. But what if there was a gift that could physically capture those memories, stories, experiences…life? In order to think outside the box, perhaps you need to look inside the book. Your story. Told by you. Written by us.

Writer Simon Van Booy once said, “Language allows us to reach out to people, to touch them with our innermost fears, hopes, disappointments, victories. The history of how you felt.”

We feel you should eulogize loved ones while they are alive, and not wait until they have passed. LifeBook Memoirs is the way to uniquely, wholly, and exclusively memorialize your loved one’s life in his/her own words while living, with our team doing all the heavy lifting in three simple steps: Personal Interviews, Professional Ghostwriting, We Create Your Book. It is 100% all handled by us, but your loved one (aka the “author” of the personal memoir) has full control over what content makes the final cut.

We literally perform all of the work. From the experienced project manager to the professional interviewer who will personally visit with your loved one multiple times, to the expert ghostwriter who transforms the interviews into the voice and story of your loved one’s life, to the skilled bookbinder who assembles the final finished product by hand…We.Do.It.All.

Research has shown that companionship and cognitive stimulation can actually slow the degenerative process within the brains of the elderly. By nature, human beings want to feel a sense of purpose, of love, of meaning. LifeBook Memoirs provides all of that and more.

Artist Andy Warhol famously said, “In the future, everybody will be world-famous for fifteen minutes.” Imagine giving your loved one not only fifteen minutes of fame, but the creation and documentation of a legacy. That individual becomes an idol, the VIP or MVP of the family, forever and permanently honored and cherished with an autobiographical life story that lives on indefinitely.

Which upcoming occasion is the right one for your family to gift an autobiography to the patriarch or matriarch of the family?

  • The ultimate way to show gratitude at Thanksgiving.
  • The Christmas gift of a LifeBook.
  • Writing an autobiography–the perfect resolution to kick off the new year!
  • Is someone retiring after a long and storied career?
  • Nothing marks a milestone birthday like the gift of a personal memoir.
  • We even have options for couples – perfect as an anniversary gift like none other.

The beauty is that family and friends of all ages can chip in, all coming together in unity for a gift that will never be forgotten and can be enjoyed by all, as well as by generations to come. It is time we start to really hear our loved ones, with empathy, while they are still with us. “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” ~Stephen R. Covey

Each day is a gift; that’s why it’s called the present. This is a once-in-a-LifeBook gift opportunity, so contact us today to get started. Don’t wait until it’s too late…