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How we started

LifeBook Memoirs came into being in 2011 as the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Roy Moëd and Yvette Conn.

The realization that his elderly father, Jules, was in decline prompted Roy to help him rediscover his zest for life and his sense of purpose. Roy hit upon the idea of giving his father a project to focus on and asked him to start recording the story of his life.

Roy’s motivations were twofold. Not only did he want to help his ailing father; he also wanted to preserve the family stories that his father had told around camp fires and dining tables over the years. As the saying goes, ‘people only die when they are forgotten,’ and Roy did not want the light to go out on his father’s stories and memories. He wanted to capture and preserve them.

Jules’s project ultimately became Life Is for Sharing – the first-ever LifeBook and the catalyst for what the company has since become.

From these low-key and very personal beginnings, LifeBook Memoirs has grown considerably. It remains a small family firm, and yet it leads the world in the private autobiography sector. The company now operates in more than 40 countries – from America to Austria and from Northern Ireland to New Zealand. And the list is growing.

What we do

At LifeBook Memoirs, we take pride in helping people from all walks of life to capture, document, and preserve their life stories for future generations. Enabling people who might otherwise struggle to fulfill their autobiographical ambitions is what inspires us on a daily basis. And, what’s more, we do it by striving for the highest standards in every aspect of what we do, from the interviewers we work with to the paper we print on.

Where we do it

Based near Godalming, in the agreeably leafy English county of Surrey, our global headquarters are housed in a sixteenth-century barn and the adjacent cottage. Our impressive library of completed LifeBooks and our sales, marketing, and operations teams are all based there. Members of our LifeBook Memoirs family, however, work globally in locations as diverse as Wyoming, Cape Town, and Glasgow.

Who we are

We are a professional family of individuals bound together by a love of what we do. Our skillsets and backgrounds are as diverse as the locations that we work from, but our common denominators are a commitment to delivering exceptional books, our shared values of trust, integrity, honesty, and creativity, and the skill with which we conduct our work.

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