Everybody Has a Story to Tell – Roy Moëd of LifeBook

The inspiration behind LifeBook Memoirs created by Roy Moëd

Entrepreneur Roy Moëd set up LifeBook (the parent company of LifeBook Memoirs) a bespoke autobiography service, in 2010 with the mission of helping older people enjoy their lives and ‘age successfully’. He was inspired by his elderly father, Jules, who was blind, in a care home and felt he had nothing left to live for.

Determined to give him a stimulating and fun project, Roy came up with the idea of capturing Jules’ life stories. His colleague, as a third party outside of the family, listened to Jules’ memories, anecdotes, and life lessons every week, and a professional ghostwriter then wrote up the recordings. Jules’ outlook on life completely changed as he had a project and a purpose, at a time where there were few activities that he could enjoy, and he was offered additional companionship by having someone actively listen to his stories each week.

Jules never got to finish his book, but Roy was so affected by the benefits the experience brought for his father – the renewed self-confidence and feeling of self-worth – that he wanted every older person to have the opportunity to create a memoir. The experience not only provides a treasured memoir for the family and a rewarding project for the author, it also keeps the mind active and the brain healthy, and aids loneliness and depression.

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