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LifeBook on Business Without Bullsh*t’s Latest Podcast

Roy shares his passion for loneliness on the latest Business without Bullsh*t podcast

LifeBook’s founder Roy recently joined Andy Oury and Dominic Frisbee on the latest episode of the Business without Bullsh*t podcast and had a great discussion about his inspiration behind LifeBook and how we have pivoted our customer journey since the beginning of the pandemic.

He also had an opportunity to share his passion for tackling loneliness. Not only does a LifeBook memoir provide a meaningful project during the Covid-19 restrictions but the team also regularly stays in touch with former customers they know to live alone.

You can listen to the podcast in full below.


In Business without Bullsh*t, Andrew Oury, entrepreneur and partner at Oury Clark, and Dominic Frisby, author (and comedian), take an unapologetically frank approach to business in conversation with an array of business leaders, pioneers, and disrupters.


Photo by Ian Noble on Unsplash