What is a ghostwriter?

LifeBook what is a ghostwriter

What Is a Ghostwriter?

The ghostwriter is a skilled artisan who crafts masterpieces behind closed doors, but who exactly is this invisible architect of prose? What part do they play in creating written work published under the name of another?

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How Do I Find Someone To Write My Life Story? FEATURED IMAGE

How Do I Find Someone to Write My Life Story?

Everyone has a book inside them, so they say! And when it comes to writing the story of your life, no one can do it better than you. But unless you’re a professional, writing a book is not easy. If you want to turn your memories into beautiful words your family will cherish, then hiring a ghostwriter could be for you. Here’s how.

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LifeBook winter project chimney breast photo aph

Writing Your Story: The Perfect Winter Project

Writing your autobiography or memoir with LifeBook is the perfect winter project that will put a smile on your face. It means regular conversations with an interviewer chosen just for you. It’s a chance to look back and reflect. It’s a project that can occupy as much or as little time as you like.

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lifebook ghostwriter Andrew Crofts Visits

World-renowned Ghostwriter Andrew Crofts Visits LifeBook

Andrew Crofts is a world-renowned ghostwriter, and he recently visited LifeBook. He chatted to LifeBook’s founder Roy about the use of ghostwriters and the private autobiography industry as a whole. Andrew was most interested in the way LifeBook Memoirs separates the interviewer from the ghostwriter.

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lifebook glory of a story

LifeBook: The Glory of a Story

In these digital days, we’re bombarded with selfies, tweets, text messages and voice messages. As a ghostwriter for LifeBook, receiving a fresh 90-minute interview with an author gives me permission to mute my iPhone, unplug all my devices, don a pair of headphones and tune into the pleasure of listening, as a person, dips back into his or her past.

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lifebook change of life

A Life of Change – My Experience as a Ghostwriter

The authors whose memories I’ve helped to write for LifeBook come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some grew up ‘making do’, while others had well-off parents; some had easy childhoods while others struggled. However, one thing mentioned by nearly all of them is how things have changed during their LifeBooks.

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