Pricing & Packages

Choose one of our designed-for-you packages or go bespoke

LifeBook Royal Package


6 interest-free
instalments of £1,500
Total £9,000
The original. Beautifully handcrafted, printed on archive paper, and linen-bound.
LifeBook Imperial Package


6 interest-free instalments of £2,500
Total £15,000

This large-format book, with more pages, is our most popular. Its special format makes it perfect for displaying many photos.

LifeBook Signature Package


6 interest-free instalments of £4,000
Total £24,000
Our most luxurious and comprehensive book, in square coffee-table format, with many choices of paper colour and leather.

Opus bespoke

For when your aspiration is to have something that is truly one of a kind, there’s Opus. At Opus, we will listen to your requirements and design a uniquely tailored, completely bespoke project. Whether your aim is to produce a comprehensive corporate history or a sensitively written celebration or tribute book, the specialist Opus team can help.