Why Capturing Memories and Managing Your Life Matter: A Personal Journey

Every individual has unique life experiences, some filled with joy and excitement whilst others are tinged with grief and loss. As the founder of Keylu, my journey has been a blend of both, and it’s the memories from this journey that have emphasized the importance of managing my life and capturing treasured memories.

At the age of 26, I was in New Zealand, a world away from my family, relishing the memories I had made during my travels through Asia. Like many young adults, I hadn’t given much thought to serious matters such as estate planning or discussing my wishes in case of an unexpected tragedy. But a phone call from my mother changed all that. My elder sister, Jane, had suddenly passed away.

Being confronted with the responsibilities of arranging a funeral and sorting out my sister’s estate was overwhelming. And just as we were grappling with this immense loss, another tragedy struck. My mother, Ann, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer and left us 18 months later.

Two pivotal moments had made me realize the importance of the Clint Eastwood quote, “Tomorrow is promised to no one.” But it wasn’t just about the uncertainty of life; it was the chaos of trying to manage our personal and legal affairs amidst such emotional turmoil.

The digital age has given us immense freedom, but with it comes the responsibility of managing scattered data across devices and platforms. From valuable legal documents to cherished family photos, our lives are increasingly becoming disorganized, leading to immense stress, especially in moments of crisis.

This personal experience led to the creation of Keylu.

Keylu is not just another digital platform; it’s a solution, an anchor amidst the chaos of the digital world. It empowers you to bring order to the scattered fragments of your life. With Keylu, you’re not only organizing your present but ensuring a smoother path for your loved ones in the future.

More than just a life organizer, Keylu is a digital memoir. A place where you not only store essential documents but also cherish those invaluable memories, ensuring they are preserved, ready to be relived and shared. It’s heartbreaking to realize that over time, memories of my sister and mother’s voices have faded, which is why safeguarding these treasured moments for future generations is so crucial.

Embracing LifeBook Memoirs is more than just creating a digital biography. It’s about leaving a lasting legacy. Whether it’s a life lesson, a cherished memory, or a nugget of wisdom, capturing our stories allows us to remain eternally present in the hearts and minds of our loved ones.

As Benjamin Franklin wisely said, “If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” With Keylu and LifeBook Memoirs, you have the platforms to do just that.

Take control, organise your life, and ensure your story lives on. With Keylu, create a narrative that resonates, connects, and continues to inspire.

Ian Dibb - Keylu founder

Ian Dibb
CEO and founder, Keylu