The Times Visits LifeBook

For everybody’s life story, there’s a ghostwriter – The Times interview

Dave Waller from The Times visited LifeBook’s, LifeBook Memoirs‘ parent company, head office for an interview with founder Roy Moëd. The interview resulted in David’s article For everybody’s life story, there’s a ghostwriter.

He writes, “Roy Moëd’s home office is rich with history: there’s the Wurlitzer jukebox in the corner, blaring his mother’s crackly opera 45s; his grandfather’s leather-bound South African passport in a glass case; and a bookshelf that is slowly filling with memoirs. The titles range from the trite, such as Unfinished Journey, to the bizarre, I Hate Ships and Oil Companies. Rather than being a testament to catholic tastes, the books offer a clue to Mr Moëd’s occupation; these eclectic stories are his business.”

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