The First Greek LifeBook – An Opus Odyssey

LifeBook Memoirs’ first Greek autobiography

Hi I’m Caroline, LifeBook Memoirs bespoke project manager. I came to work for LifeBook™ in October 2015, having previously worked for an academic publisher as a Production Editor. I have always loved history and literature, so when I heard about LifeBook™, it seemed like a perfect fit for me. LifeBook’s product and ethos really appealed to me from the beginning – I think that preserving people’s life stories for their families is an invaluable thing to do, and I only wish I had known about this before losing some of my own family members.

LifeBook Memoirs’ Opus

As Project Manager for LifeBook Memoirs’ Opus (or bespoke) side of the business, I am lucky enough to work on a great selection of books – anything from corporate histories to family legacies to tributes in memory of our clients’ loved ones. Last year I got the opportunity to project manage an autobiography that presented a new challenge for me. Namely, that the book was to be written in Greek.

Greek is a beautiful language

As a Classics graduate, I have some knowledge of ancient Greek (Latin was more my focus), but as anyone who has ever read Louis de Bernières’ wonderful Captain Corelli’s Mandolin will know, this does not help greatly with the country’s modern language! I was excited at the prospect of creating this autobiography, and especially at the idea of typesetting in the Greek alphabet, which I have always considered to be aesthetically very beautiful.

We developed a close relationship

In order to accommodate the language barrier, we found a talented Greek journalist to both interview the author and write the LifeBook™ closely with her. The journalist recorded and wrote up the interviews in our normal way, keeping in close contact with me throughout so that I could have an idea of the stories and subjects the author was including in her book. Our journalist went on to develop a close relationship with the author and they would even speak regularly on the phone.

The project was a joy to work on

This project was a joy to work on and I think the resulting book was one that the author was really proud of. Indeed, I have recently found out that she has been offering to share it with many friends and wants more copies so that she can do just that. It is also a book that we at LifeBook™ are very proud of. The ability to provide this wonderful service internationally and in any language is truly a great one. We take great care to find the best interviewing, writing and editing professionals, no matter where the author lives or what language they speak. In fact, since this book I have gone on to project manage autobiographies in Turkish, German, Norwegian and Swedish!

Everyone, no matter where they live, deserves to be able to tell their life story

If there is a project that you would like professionally printed but it doesn’t fit into any of our standard LifeBook™ packages, then we can help. This can be anything: from an autobiography you have already written, to a family history, or a compilation of letters from a loved one. Perhaps you are in a hurry to get a book or memory printed for a celebration, or if someone is unwell? Or you want to create a unique and personalised gift for your parents’ wedding anniversary or the birth of your first child? Maybe you’d like to have your own novel or diary printed and bound into a beautiful hardback book?

Whether long or short, autobiographical or a project about something or someone else, a bespoke LifeBook™ can meet your requirements.

Our experienced team has expertise in producing a wide variety of printed and personal books. Working alongside a dedicated project manager, we’re confident we can tailor-make a project to meet your needs and help you produce your beautiful book, just as you envisage it.

Caroline – Bespoke Managing Editor