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What Is a Ghostwriter?

The ghostwriter is a skilled artisan who crafts masterpieces behind closed doors, but who exactly is this invisible architect of prose? What part do they play in creating written work published under the name of another?

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Food and memory on a duvet

Food and Memory

Writing and reading about food creates a strong sense of connection between writer and reader, and it gives a unique understanding of the personalities at the heart of these stories.

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Leaving a Legacy

As we move through life, we each weave patterns that endure long after we take our final bow. For most of us, the notion of “leaving a legacy” will emerge at some point on this journey, but what does that phrase really mean?

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What’s New in the Library?
Credit Where It’s Due

The stories of some of our authors are full of intentionality, of plans made at an early age that define the rest of their lives. For others, the way is winding or punctuated with reversals, new directions, surprises, or unexpected opportunities. For Barbara Freedman, meeting her husband and embarking on her career were matters of serendipity, or maybe even fate, but they certainly weren’t planned.

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What Memories Are Made Of

You can’t insure your memory, but you can insure your memories by writing them down. Without memory, our lives would not exist as we know it. The workings of memory have fascinated scientists for thousands of years, but much is still shrouded in mystery. In this piece, we delve into what we do know to answer that age-old question: what is memory?

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What’s New in the Library?
I Should Have Been Born Twice

Jimmy Russo (Giacomo) was the son of a Sicilian immigrant who arrived in Great Britain in 1952 carrying a single suitcase, and he left school with an O level in woodwork. Over the next 50 years, thanks to his hard work, energy, and drive, he went on to build a multi-million-pound salad-growing and distribution business, was awarded a Cavalieri by the government of Italy, became chair of the professional soccer club, Watford FC, and travelled the world.

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