South African Jewish Report: Roy’s ‘WHY’

Saul Kamionsky, of the South African Jewish Report, and our Johannesburg born founder Roy Moëd talk about his life and why he founded LifeBook Memoirs, the Private Autobiography service.

A 1,000-mile trip

The article delves far back into Roy’s memories: picture a cute 7-year-old boy preparing to emigrate from South Africa to Jersey, UK, in the early 1960s. His teacher makes a huge 1,000 km trip from Johannesburg all the way to Cape Town to give him a silver identity bracelet as a goodbye gift. Roy never saw his teacher again. However, the bracelet remains with him to this day. A powerful memory and an amazing story.

The University of Life

Roy also talks about the struggles he had because of his dyslexia. The many jobs he went through as he made his way through the ‘university of life’. And how he worked out his purpose and WHY.

Legacy over money

He shares with the South African Jewish Report, how his hugely successful airline catering business taught him the importance of ‘legacy’ over money – from building a company with just two employees to creating hundreds of jobs. For Roy, if you have a great team, you’ve got a great company, and happy customers.

Roy’s greatest achievement

Roy discusses his pride in the service provided by LifeBook Memoirs and how personalised and easy the process of turning life stories into words is with LifeBook’s local interviewers and expert teams.

Roy’s passion for what LifeBook does for people all over the world – preserving their memories and passing them on to those who follow – shines through. It’s no surprise that Roy feels it is his greatest achievement in business.

The full article

You can read the full article on the South African Jewish Report below:

From university of life to LifeBook – a storied tale – Jewish Report (


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