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Social Distancing Without Isolating: Connecting Digitally

Connect with your loved ones using video applications

Right now, so many of us are feeling the emotional strain of social distancing as more states are extending their stay at home orders through April. For many, isolation and social distancing measures have been in place for weeks as COVID-19 continues to spread across the nation. But how can we maintain social distancing without feeling the long-term effects of social isolation?

Just like how our team at LifeBook Memoirs has moved to remote operations including virtual interviews with our clients, we can connect digitally with our loved ones so we can stay connected and immersed in each other’s lives without risking our health.

Our team has created a remote interview system so we can continue to capture and create a beautifully preserved LifeBook memoir for your family to enjoy for years to come. But what kind of technology exists that you can use today to continue making these memories with your loved ones from afar?

Check out these video chat applications you can download today to keep in touch with your loved ones, both young and elderly, during COVID-19.


If you’re an Apple product family, FaceTime is a great app you already have on your iPhone or iPad that you can start using today. This is ideal for families looking to connect with elderly loved ones because all you have to do is call them through FaceTime and they just have to answer the video call as they would a normal phone call.

You can even do group video calls on newer versions of the app!

The only downside to this is this is only for Apple users.


A free app you can download on your mobile device, tablet or desktop computer is Skype. The only requirements are the app itself, the internet, a webcam, and speakers. Skype is fairly user friendly and you can begin a group video call of up to ten people with the click of a button.

Facebook Messenger

If you’re already connected to your loved ones on Facebook, download the messenger app for free to expand the connection to video calling. You can create group text chats and video chats all rather simply. If one family member is more tech-savvy, they can even start the process for everyone so that relatives not familiar with the platform just have to accept the call.

We’ve focused a lot on video calling capabilities for a very specific purpose: our relatives, especially our older loved ones who may live alone, need that human connection to know that even in this frightening time, they are not alone and we will all get through this together.

If you are looking for other ways you can make your elderly loved ones feel connected and keep their minds busy as to not fixate on the problems we face today, call us. Our team is ready to share family stories virtually so your loved one can benefit cognitively from the stimulation as well as have companionship in sharing their life’s narrative.

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