Recipe for Ageing Well: The Ingredients

This editorial introduces some familiar ideas about ageing well

How to age well with eight suggestions – use it or lose it – embrace the senior moment – Old dogs new tricks – a change is a good as a rest – there is more time than you think – tasks of aging – sandwich generation – eat drink and be merry.

One – Use it or lose it

If you stop doing things you lose the skills associated with doing them. Keeping on with what you do, even in moderated form, is good for you.

Two – Embrace the senior moments

As we grow older we all forget things, but as Cicero said, he never knew a man who forgot where his money was! In other words we become more selective as we age.

Three – Old dogs new tricks

In many cases age helps us learn better. This is good news for all of us who are planning to age!

Four – A change is as good as a rest

Taking up new things and doing things differently is all part of healthy living. Challenging ourselves is often scary but generally worthwhile.

3Five – There is more time than you think

In 1911 there were 400 people in the UK aged over 100. By 2031 the forecast is 41,000. Once one reaches 65, life expectancy increases by five hours every day. Age is not the enemy it was. There is more time than you think!

Six – Tasks of ageing

Carl Jung said that there were tasks of ageing. For instance face up to the reality of ageing and enjoy it, review and reflect upon our lives, preserve our energies, and be selective about what we do with our time. Above all, be creative and playful! But ageing well is a job of work. Take it seriously.

Seven – Sandwich generation

As the demographic changes, more of us may find ourselves sandwiched between dependent children and elderly parents. This can be a joy or a burden.  LifeBook Memoirs may turn a burden into joy.

Eight – Eat drink and be merry

In amongst all the careful planning and sensible living, we all need a bit of fun! You’ll need to decide whether you’re going to be a good example or a horrible warning! You could always try a bit of both…

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