Memoir Author Testimonial – Phil Kuhl

We received a very kind message from Mr Phil Kuhl, who completed his book Gramps in 2017

I had been interested and had made several efforts to begin writing my autobiography. Despite several attempts to get started, I had always failed to finish. I might write 25 to 30 pages only to set it aside, hoping to get back to it soon. That ‘soon’ never happened! The first thing LifeBook did was to make me commit to the project. Perhaps it was writing the check? Perhaps it was the encouragement of my first encounter with the company’s representative? In any event, I got it done!

LifeBook -  Memoir Testimonial - Phil Kuhl
What surprised me was how much I enjoyed the process. I have spent my life being busy with almost everything, never stopping to really consider in-depth my life experience. This process caused me to think and consider my life more deeply.

I have told many how much I learned about myself while writing the book, and I also came to appreciate much more the significance of ‘others’ in my life. Moreover, I was very impressed with the folks from LifeBook.

The finished book is very impressive and has drawn some very nice compliments from those with whom I have shared my book. One of my close friends is a professional author of textbooks (a very successful author by the way!). He reviewed my book and reported that the book was very well done. He also was surprised by the price; he considered that the charge was very reasonable for the quality of the product produced.

Another fellow I know said he had been working on ‘his book’ for more than three years. When I shared my experience with him, he commented that he wished he had heard about LifeBook much earlier as he had found the process very arduous. In contrast, I found the whole thing very easy.

Overall, I am thankful to LifeBook and its process. My grandchildren, who were the reason for my project, love the book! My own adult children also have enjoyed it. Meanwhile, I had great fun writing it!

Now I will keep ‘visiting’ with those I meet … continuing to share (loan) my book to those who seem to have an interest.

– Phil Kuhl –

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