LifeBook – This Photo Sums Up Why We Do It

A wonderful photo Tom, thank you!

A huge thank you to Tom and Viebecke Vraalsen, who sent us this wonderful photograph upon completion of Tom’s LifeBook project in July and kindly gave us permission to post about it. We love to hear from our authors once their projects have completed and the books have been circulated among family and friends. As the old adage goes, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. Simply put, this is why we do it. Here is a LifeBook Memoirs testimonial.

Interviewed at home in Norway

Through The LifeBook™ Autobiography Package, his project having started in January, we interviewed Tom at his home in Norway using an interviewer local to him.

We are proud to have helped produce this book capturing the stories of Tom’s career as a Norwegian foreign minister and with the United Nations. Tom’s retelling of his humanitarian work with the UN in Sudan is fascinating. Itt was important to document this in his own words. Tom and Viebecke were a pleasure to work with, both of them providing amendments and corrections through the regular review drafts sent to them to ensure the content was exactly right.

We shipped the 17 books to a place of their family gathering

Tom’s project was completed with the request that the 17-book print run is shipped to the place of their family gathering. There, each grandchild received their own copy. We were given a one-week delivery period, so Tom and the project team made sure everything was completed in time for the books to arrive in his grandchildren’s hands.

Viebecke informed us that one of their grandchildren was asleep when the delivery arrived, so missed the presentation. However, they did receive their copy in due course!

It is an honor to have helped create Tom’s legacy in the form of a beautiful book that will be handed down to future generations. This book will allow them, in turn, to learn a little more about their ancestor.