Leaving a legacy

Barbara Thompson’s Autobiography and TV Appearance

Barbara Thompson MBE is a legend of the global jazz scene, and her career has spanned nearly five decades. Her influence will continue throughout 2020, with the release of her autobiography, upcoming appearance on Channel 4’s 24 Hours in A&E, and the continued appeal of her music.

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LifeBook Memoirs Polly Conn Mother& Sisters

Give Mom the Gift of a LifeBook This Mother’s Day

She’s the woman who gave you life. She cheered you on at events, supported you in all your passions, and set you up for a life of success. You never know how to express just how much she means to you. This Mother’s Day, give her something she can cherish for years to come. Her own autobiography.

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LifeBook 18 Just Married Lauderdale Rd Synagogue

Handle Unanswered Questions Before it’s Too Late

Family stories around the dinner table seem to be a thing of the past with our on-the-move lifestyles. A survey found that 40 percent of families eat dinner together only three or fewer times a week, with 10 percent never eating dinner together at all. With the decline of shared meals runs the risk of losing out on family narratives.

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LifeBook Memoirs Love Letters

A Love That Transcends Time and Sickness

Though most of us will not experience a love story as magical and all-encompassing as found in “The Notebook”, we may love someone suffering from illness. How can you be there to support someone who may not remember you all the time? It is possible to stimulate brain activity by engaging them in activities.

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LifeBook Memoirs Polly Conn Mother& Sisters

Transform Pain into A Gift that Gives Back

When your mother died, you had a million things on your mind, none of which involved how much you never were able to ask her. But when all phone calls were made, funeral arrangements finalized, and the flowers were selected for the service, you had a moment to reflect upon the pain of losing your mother, your biggest supporter and closest confidant.

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LifeBook Memoirs Generations Sharing

Bridging Generational Age Gaps With Family Stories

Our family stories, our legacies, all boil down to one thing: our loved ones. Those special Sunday afternoons at Grandma’s house. The Thanksgiving dinners. When we miss out on those important opportunities for communication, we miss out on more than the social experience. We miss out on new memories.

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LifeBook Memoirs Keep Your Fork

The Best Is Yet To Come

You may have read on your social media feed the trending story, “Keep Your Fork -The Best is Yet to Come” If you haven’t read the narration, all of us at LifeBook insist you do. The insightful tale gives you a hard look at what’s important in life. In essence, the story details the wishes of a man diagnosed with a terminal illness, given six months to live.

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LifeBook Memoirs Final Countdown

It’s The Final Countdown with the Times Square ball

How did the Times Square New Year’s Eve extravaganza start and what is the story behind its famous ball? The ball has become its own sort of celebrity and has become so popular, it has its own website where you can learn all about its life story and also creep on it live, even right at this moment!

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LifeBook Memoirs Cabbage Patch Craze

The Cabbage Patch Craze

Thirty-six years ago, in 1983, The Cabbage Patch craze ensued. The dolls were considered ugly by many, but the concept and subsequent marketing were stunning. Artist Xavier Roberts converted a medical clinic into a “hospital” where the dolls could be “adopted,” complete with a name and birth certificate!

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