Tim Steel Testimonial

Memoir Gifter Testimonial – Tim Steel

We recently received a letter from Tim Steel regarding his mother’s autobiography


My name is Tim Steel and I am giving a testimonial on behalf of my mother, Annie Reiner aged 85, who’s just completed a LifeBook autobiography. We came across the company via a presentation by Roy Moëd at investors and we were introduced to Janie Fletcher, who was extremely helpful and setup via Tom Harnett a series of interviews with my mother at her house, probably one a fortnight.

My sisters and I were able to help jog her memory on certain dates and we also able to look back over numerous photograph albums, going back to the thirties some of which have been incorporated into the book.

The final book has been a great success among the family and my mother’s grandchildren who number about 10, were unaware of many aspects of her early childhood and also their parents’ early childhoods. So it’s been a great success, the quality of the publishing has been extremely good and the book cover is excellent and so I had a very happy experience with LifeBook and would recommend it to others who are thinking of doing the same on behalf of an aged relative.

Thanks very much.

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