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LifeBook’s a great way to capture your memories

A very personal experience

I can confirm, from personal experience, really are the premium private memoir writers. When I decided I wanted to write my autobiography, I reviewed all the companies out there, as I always do my homework, and felt LifeBook offered the best package. From the day I purchased it, my personal project manager was in contact with me explaining every step of the project. They also sent me a wonderful journal which helped a lot in my preparation for the interviews.

Capturing memories

LifeBook’s way of capturing memories has clearly been carefully researched and the regular 90-minute interviews were just the right length so that I didn’t get tired or lose concentration. I am only in my early 70s (and still working in between rounds of golf), but I could not have really coped with longer than that. The regular reviews also enabled me to check on the writing as it evolved and meant I could add things I had forgotten to say the first time I was interviewed. Also, reading the manuscript regularly prompted additional memories which is exactly what they explained would happen.


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I had enough time to tell my story

It is a very carefully planned project and every little detail has been considered. During the 12 meetings, I had enough time to tell my story. Had I wanted more time I could have arranged this, but again their research and experience meant that it was the perfect amount of interview time – anything less would not have done my story justice. The 45,000 words and the 200 pages were perfect to include my photos too. Had I wanted more than 60, I was told these could have been arranged.

They are so precious; I didn’t want to risk losing them

It was so important to me that I didn’t have to send my photos anywhere. They are so precious; I didn’t want to risk losing them. LifeBook really appreciated this and did not expect me to send them out, which was a great relief. Instead, my interviewer helped me choose the photos and scanned them all here at home. We captioned them together to compliment my story – it was great fun to go through all those memories again.


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It really added to my excitement about the overall project

My personal project manager at the LifeBook head office was on hand at all times to guide and advise me and I felt she really had taken the time to get to know my story. As I don’t live too far away, I visited the head office (which is situated in a beautiful restored 17th-century barn) and met the entire team there, including my own project manager, editor, and typesetter. This was great as I got to know my whole project team and they were all so welcoming, it added to the enjoyment of the project. I was also able to see, first-hand, an example of the beautiful books and dust jackets I would receive once I finished my project. It really added to my excitement about the overall project.

I was also lucky enough to be shown their new audiobook which they will record as part of my project and present in a personalised presentation box. My family will love it.

I have had a fantastic time and have been recommending LifeBook to all my friends. I can’t wait to show my family the final books!