LifeBook – A Legacy Lived, A Legacy Shared

Testimonials from authors, interviewers, and ghostwriters

Experience the journey of a LifeBook autobiography by listening to real testimonials from our clients, interviewers, and ghost-writers. We come across many reasons why our clients want to create or gift an autobiography, but whatever the motivation it can be cathartic and enlightening to be interviewed about your own life.

Anne – A LifeBook gifter

This recording is from one of our clients Anne, who bought a LifeBook for her mother, who is in her 90s and also a tribute book for her father.

Diana – a LifeBook interviewer

The role of a LifeBook interviewer is extremely important to making the experience interesting and enjoyable for the Author. We hear from Diana on what she loves about being an interviewer.

Keith – A LifeBook author

The author is of course the most important part of this journey and our aim is for them to enjoy the project as they recount stories of their life to an interviewer, but then sharing the LifeBook autobiography with family and friends is a fantastic gift and legacy.

Alwyn – A LifeBook Ghostwriter

LifeBook has a large selection of professional ghost-writers, in the US, UK and around the world. The ability to create a sympathetic and engaging narrative from our Author’s recordings is a skill one has to develop. As Alwyn says in his testimonial the key is “capturing the voice of the person whose life story you’re listening to”.

We hope you enjoyed listening to our testimonials. If we’ve kindled your interest in a LifeBook memoir or autobiography for yourself, or perhaps a loved one, please get in touch.