LifeBook - Corporate History - SteelFab, Inc.

Corporate History Testimonial – SteelFab, Inc.

From Cotton Fields to Sky Scrapers

LifeBook had the honor of helping North Carolina based SteelFab, Inc. write their corporate history From Cotton Fields to Sky Scrapers: The Story of SteelFab, Inc. We learned about their fascinating journey from a small handrail fabrication shop in Charlotte to their position today as one of North America’s largest suppliers of fabricated structural steel.

LifeBook - Corporate History Testimonial - SteelFab, Inc.

When SteelFab, Inc.’s CEO Glenn Sherrill started the project with us, he had no idea of the interest the book would generate.

Glenn comments:
“When I set out to put the history of our company in writing I really only thought a few of our partners and family members would be interested in reading it. We have had a number of friends, clients, and vendors ask for copies of the book.

I am so glad we took the time and spent the money to have the book written and we plan on updating it within the next 10 years”.

All of our corporate history projects are bespoke and completely tailored to your needs. Read more about how we helped SteelFab, Inc. here. Should you be interested in starting a project with us, please get in touch.