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“…Art is nothing if it is not a bridge to other people.”

What to do during your coronavirus home quarantine? How about: Nothing?

We recently came across a Los Angeles Times article called, “What to do during your coronavirus home quarantine? How about: Nothing.” Within the article, theatre critic Charles McNulty discusses the pace at which we live. Never a moment to spare. Even taking hobbies and amounting them to a check-off list.

But one line struck a particular note, “art is nothing if it is not a bridge to other people.” In a world consumed with the recent spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), many people are asking themselves, what are we to do

While many Americans have the benefit of working remotely, as to not completely off-track their lives, a great portion of our country will be out of work as we place ourselves in quarantine, expanding social distance.

For many, this may cause panic. To live in the 21st century, without control of our situation seems almost barbaric. Especially in a world where you can call out to a discrete device that will answer your questions, play music, and call loved ones. 

For those people asking how do I fill my time now, we recommend you don’t. Not at least with binge-watching television shows, or panicking over measures beyond your control. Although, of course, we want you to practice every precaution.

Instead, we invite you to do something different as our world evolves in this new environment. A new, though temporary, way of life.

Create memories. The old fashioned kind, so to speak. The ones where a ringing cellphone did not interrupt family dinners. Where family time was cherished and not rushed. Talk to your children. Share stories. Catch up on all the moments your busy life has made you miss out on. 

Read to your kids. Call your elderly relatives to chat. They’re scared, maybe even more so than you are. Go through photo albums with your son, show him your old baseball card collection he’s been asking to see.

Pull out your prom dress from the 1980s. You’ll be making a loving memory with your daughter that maybe you wouldn’t have otherwise. 

Create something magical. Maybe you aren’t the next Andy Warhol or Charles Dickens. The art you create during these times of uncertainty does not have to be tangible. Rather, they need to be memorable. 

We live in not only a 24/hour news cycle but a non-stop world, always connected to something, other than the people who matter most. With your family home during this uneasy time, consider creating memories that will last a LifeBook.

Play a board game. Make dinner together. Help your kids with schoolwork that they’ve been assigned. Be present. Be thankful. 

Right now, the pandemic we face seems unnerving. But this is a chance to reconnect. To make memories and share your life with your loved ones.

We will all get through this time together. And as we do so, remember to reflect on these little moments that months, maybe years from now, will greatly shape your life story. 

We’re here to help you write this down, and to preserve those memories and stories for future generations.
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