LifeBook Memoirs Thanksgiving Tradition

A Timeless Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is officially started with Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

Now that Halloween is over and the clocks have been turned back, the holiday season is in the air, the stores, and the front yards of millions of houses across the United States. Jack-o-lanterns have been swapped for gourds-a-plenty, and sneak peeks at Black Friday sales are being “leaked” all around us. 

We are approaching one of the most wonderful times of the year, where family, friends, and traditions are celebrated and revered. One tradition that has literally transcended generations is the Macy’s parade in New York City. “Since the first march in November 1924, the Macy’s Parade has captivated audiences and become synonymous with the start of the holiday season.” From young to old, there is no question that the parade is one of the most nostalgic events for millions of people in the United States. The parade has become a sort of beloved autobiography of America’s favorite brands, entertainers, and fictional characters. As always, the parade will be televised on NBC; you can tune in this year at 9:00 a.m. (ET).

Since the time of Abraham Lincoln, Thanksgiving had been celebrated on the last Thursday of November. However, as Time magazine reported in 1939, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt “…declared that he was moving the national Thanksgiving day up a week, the [sic] the second-to-last Thursday in the month.”

President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his family, during Thanksgiving dinner in 1937. Thomas D. McAvoy – The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

While merchants were happy because moving from the last Thursday of the month meant a longer holiday shopping season, others from cantankerous coaches to perturbed politicians were not so fond of the change.

Nevertheless, the decision has stood the test of time and remains. The proverbial “Road to 34th Street” is as iconic as the parade itself and has been the compass for decorative floats and gigantic balloons that have featured the likes of a 60-foot-tall toy soldier, Felix the Cat [who, due to poor planning, flew off into the sky and eventually popped], Snoopy, Mickey, The Pink Panther, Hello Kitty, Spider-Man, Olaf…and the list goes on and on. Like those enormous balloons, the event has morphed through the decades into a behemoth of an undertaking, and a powerhouse brand in and of itself within the iconic Macy’s brand.

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From our family to yours, we wish you the very best this holiday season, and we welcome you to share your fondest traditions with us. Contact us at any time.