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A Love That Transcends Time and Sickness

Every great love starts with a great story

Nicholas Sparks said it the best: “Every great love starts with a great story.” The novel and film, “The Notebook,” tells the story of Noah, a rural Southerner who returned home from World War II. At age 31, Noah is restoring an old plantation home, a promise he made during a summer romance of 14 years past. Reminded of the woman who stole his heart, Noah was fine to live with just the memories of love lost, until she, Allie, shows up in his town once more. Allie is engaged to another man and realizes that the love she felt for Noah all those years ago had not changed with time.

As you are immersed in Noah and Allie’s unforgettable romance, you learn that Noah had written Allie 365 letters–one a day for an entire year–professing his unconditional love to her. Only to find, Allie’s mother had hidden them from her for all these years.

A love that transcends time, Noah and Allie make their way back to each other. Even writing the love story down as Allie battles Alzheimer’s disease. Day after day, Noah reads their love story to remind Allie of just how powerful their life story truly was and that their love can do anything.

As a reader, you fall more in love with Noah and Allie’s story. As it progresses to her failing health and his determination to make sure she never feels alone, even when she cannot remember him, Noah is determined that Allie’s disease does not take over the woman he loved so fiercely.

Though most of us will not experience a love story as magical and all-encompassing as Noah and Allie had shared on the pages and big screen, we may love someone who goes through a devastating illness.

The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that 5.8 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease and almost two-thirds of those individuals are women. By 2050, the total number is expected to rise to almost 14 million.

How can you be there to love and support someone who may not remember you all the time? How can you cope with the loneliness you feel while serving as not only a caregiver but a partner, grandparent, parent, and friend?

Studies have shown that while Alzheimer’s may make an individual lose their reading and writing skills over time, it is possible to help support brain activity by having them engage in their exercises for as long as possible.

When you work with the dedicated team at LifeBook Memoirs and give your loved one the opportunity to share their story in a format that can be enjoyed and shared for years to come, the benefits are astounding. Your partner will benefit from the cognitive stimulation which helps fight dementia and you and your family will be glad you have this wonderful narrative to hold onto for generations to come.

Just because we may not have a romance torn from the pages of a novel, does not mean that love isn’t worth documenting.

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