LifeBook Memoirs Founder Roy Moed Featured on BBC

BBC recently gave Roy an opportunity to talk about why he founded LifeBook

On 16th January 2020, the founder of LifeBook, Roy Moëd, was invited by the BBC to appear on Business Live’s ‘Inside Track’. Check out the video below!

The segment focuses on CEOs and their businesses, and it provided a fantastic platform for Roy to spread the word about the importance of private autobiographies. Roy was able to convey the personal nature of our process – each author has a committed project manager, and the face-to-face interviews are conducted by an interviewer handpicked for the best relationship, and the book written by a ghostwriter especially chosen to capture the author’s voice. Roy also spoke about the quality of the books and the global reach of LifeBook.

He explained the very personal motivation behind the company, that of Roy wanting to capture his own father’s story, which clearly resonated with people. We had a fantastic response from the public and the hosts of the show. One of the hosts, Sally Bundock, spoke about her own grandmother and the importance of capturing her stories of the Second World War.

Roy was also asked about the positive effects that writing a private autobiography can have on an older person’s mental health, social life and memory; although that’s not the primary aim of LifeBook, it’s an element of which we’re really proud, and we’re pleased Roy was able to shine some light on it.

The LifeBook team gathered in the office to watch it go out live – with a Greggs’ breakfast, of course. Below is the video of Roy’s appearance on the BBC, and the staff’s post-interview reaction.

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