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LifeBook Memoir - The gift of a lifetime
LifeBook Memoir - The gift of a lifetime

Your life story. Your book.

You could give no greater gift to future generations of your family than your life story. By sharing your memories in the form of a private autobiography, you will unlock your lasting legacy.
LifeBook Memoirs will help you to recall your thoughts and memories. Bringing them together in a private autobiography will be enjoyable, stimulating, and deeply rewarding.

Your unique LifeBook Memoirs journey

1 | Your project manager

The hub. Organizes and guides LifeBook projects through to completion.

2 | Your interviewer

The catalyst. Elicits and captures the stories of a lifetime.

3 | Your ghostwriter

The wordsmith. Crafts life stories with eloquence and authenticity.

4 | Your editor

The perfectionist. Refines and develops text for clarity and coherence.

5 | Your book

The end result. A beautifully produced, one-of-a-kind private autobiography.

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Bring your book to life in three different ways

Explore our three product packages—the Royal, the Imperial, and the Signature—and choose the one that resonates with you. You will experience the same standards of quality and excellence on all three packages.
LifeBook Memoirs Packages

Opus corporate

World-leading specialists in writing corporate histories.

We will listen to your requirements and aspirations to design a truly bespoke project, creating individual and inspiring books that will provide both a corporate legacy and company insight for current and future generations of the business.

Opus bespoke

For when your aspiration is to have something that is truly one of a kind, there’s Opus. At Opus, we will listen to your requirements and design a uniquely tailored, completely bespoke project. Whether your aim is to produce a comprehensive corporate history or a sensitively written celebration or tribute book, the specialist Opus team can help.

Author and gifter testimonials

Roy Moëd on the BBC in the UK

LifeBook Memoirs co-founder Roy Moëd was asked by the BBC show, The Inside Track, to discuss the inspiration behind LifeBook and how to create a private autobiography.

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