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What’s Your Legacy? Tell Your Amazing Story with LifeBook

Rafael Zurita’s experience of LifeBook

What’s your legacy? Tell your amazing story with LifeBook. When I began this review, all I had was a white box that said: “You´re Amazing”. It took me a little longer than usual to figure out what this was all about. It was only when I saw the end result that I was able to fully appreciate how meaningful this luxurious gift is for anyone.

LifeBook is a bespoke autobiography service designed to help elder adults enjoy their lives by providing companionship and a fun project, to create a lasting family legacy for the whole family to treasure.

LifeBook run the whole scenario, but they make sure you are centre stage at all times. Telling your story, life and memorable moments is not an easy process. It starts by meeting face to face with an interviewer, who you will meet over a period of 6 months and up 27 times. This is where the magic happens and where you can express those memories that are worth remembering. They help you to organise your life in order for you to come well prepared to the interviews and even then, sometimes you will need to close your eyes and go back in time to recall what really happened. A good story will be filled with details and you, the author, will want to recreate the story exactly as it took place.

LifeBook believes that the creation of a life story is priceless and therefore, taking time to go deeper into the story, makes it unique and rewarding in the end. The LifeBook team set up a complete staff of professionals dedicated just to you. A personal interviewer, ghostwriter and an experience manager, ensure that your story evolves into something very special, something more than just words.

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