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The Very First LifeBook: Jules Moëd, Life Is For Living

Jules Moëd talking about his autobiography Life Is For Living

These are video interviews of Jules Moëd for the very first LifeBook and the inspiration for the LifeBook company started by our founder Roy Moëd.


Life is for living

“I wasn’t too ambitious, I decided that life was for living. I used to take one day off for golf every week; I didn’t work too late and I didn’t come in too early, which worked nicely. I had a nice business, I didn’t owe a lot of money, I didn’t have sleepless nights, and I just ran a business. I didn’t make big profits but enough to live on and I was happy living that way.”


Memories of the children

“Well the things we did, we regularly took holidays as we felt that was important and we went down to the coast, mostly to the seaside. It was a very important point of our life with the children because it was time I could give 24 hours a day to them, the kids. Except for the bit of golf I played.

Whereas in Johannesburg I was working and they were in school, there wasn’t a lot of time. We were also members of the Jewish congregation and we played our part, I was on the committee and we built a new Schul in our area and we did things like that.”


I do not feel I can contribute anymore

“I’m a little frustrated at the moment in that I don’t feel I can contribute anything anymore. I don’t know where to go, what to do. I don’t know what I can do. The grandchildren, they’re busy, they’ve got to work hard and there’s really very little that we can do to make things any easier or better for them.”