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The Gift of a Lifetime this Christmas

If you dream of putting your life story into words but find the prospect overwhelming, LifeBook Memoirs can help make your dream a reality.

With LifeBook Memoirs, you can trust that your life story will be expertly recorded and transformed into a meaningful and personalised memoir – a wonderful book that can be cherished by you and your loved ones for years to come. From the initial interview process to the final draft, our team of expert project managers, interviewers, writers and editors will help you capture the story of your life in a beautifully crafted book.

What greater gift could you give to future generations of your family than your life story? And, whether you’ll be giving your own memoir to your family or gifting a once-in-a-lifetime memoir project to an older loved one, what better time is there to do it than at Christmas?

Arthur’s story

Arthur Law, aged 88, had been thinking about writing a memoir for some time, but it wasn’t until his great-nephew asked him about his national service that he decided to act. After seeing a LifeBook Memoirs advertisement, he picked up the phone to find out more and took the first steps on his memoir-writing journey. He met his project manager, Isabella, in June of that year, and they established a firm project timeline. Arthur wanted the book to be completed in time for Christmas, so that he could give copies as surprise gifts for his family.

Over a series of 12 90-minute interviews, Arthur shared his many wonderful stories. In fact, such was the richness of his life experience that he needed to pay for additional interviews!

Capturing Arthur’s story in his unique voice was a real team effort. Throughout the project, Arthur and Isabella collaborated incredibly closely with interviewer, Cat; ghostwriter, Linda; and editor, Halima. With the team of five working smoothly together, the book was completed on schedule, and Isabella was delighted to send nine copies of Arthur’s book, titled A Law Unto Myself, to members of his family. Strict instructions were given that they were not to open the mystery parcels until Christmas Day!

Arthur’s relatives were both surprised and thrilled at their amazing and truly unique gift. Arthur even said, “My brother-in-law said to his daughter that he’d been very impressed with the standards of my journalistic abilities!”

Looking back on the way his life story had been written and presented, Arthur says, “I was very impressed with the way in which Linda interpreted my ramblings. She was the fifth member of our quintet, and she did us proud.”

A life well lived

As well as taking us through his fascinating career in horse racing, during which he met Princess Anne, Arthur dedicated his book to his late wife, Maureen.

“A significant portion of the book relates to the very happy 55 years I spent with my wife. It was remarkable what memories were brought back to my mind once I started,” says Arthur.

Arthur’s memoir gave his family a precious trip down memory lane and a space in which they could reminisce about Maureen and Arthur’s life together. It also presented a priceless opportunity for the younger members of Arthur’s large family to get to know Maureen. Among her many wonderful qualities, she was a talented seamstress and a fantastic cook who, Arthur proudly says, “made the finest scones in the northeast of England.”

A rich and satisfying experience

Arthur found the experience of writing his LifeBook with his dedicated and expert team to be enjoyable and richly rewarding. He was also “extremely delighted with the end result.”

“There’s no question about it in my mind. We would never have got anywhere near this without the professional assistance of Isabella, who has been wonderful,” Arthur explains.

“To have somebody so talented to hold your hand while you’re going through it made all the difference to my efforts.”

“For anybody who is interested in the idea of capturing their memories, I would thoroughly recommend working with LifeBook Memoirs.”

The gift of a lifetime

What could be better, this Christmas, than giving the gift of a lifetime – a LifeBook Memoirs private autobiography? Christmas, after all, is a time for families and for reflection, and a personal autobiography would serve as a wonderful and poignant reminder of the unique journey that an individual has taken. As a gift for an older loved one, it would be a priceless record of their own life, beautifully captured in their preferred voice by the skilled LifeBook Memoirs team. As a gift for yourself and your family, it would offer an intimate glimpse into the rich tapestry of your own life. The result will be a stunning book to be cherished today and for generations to come.

Are you interested in having someone write a book about your life? If so, do get in touch with us today. The LifeBook Memoirs team is here to help you at every stage of your memoir project. Whether you are ready to commission a project or you have questions, just use the form or schedule a call below, or call us.


Written by the LifeBook Memoirs editorial team