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Brexit and the Goldsmiths: When Change is the Trigger

For the past three years, the UK has been in political turmoil following the referendum that has led to Brexit and for one author, Ian Goldsmith, it was that potential for unforeseeable change that provided the trigger for creating his LifeBook, which he wrote in conjunction with his sister Susan Ramsdale.

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A Project to Live For – Caring For Ageing Parents

We are very grateful for all of the support YPO has provided. Our founder Roy Moëd, a member of YPO, has been promoting the private autobiography journey as ‘A Project to Live For’. Among other things, YPO produced a video capturing the essence of LifeBook Memoirs and Roy’s passion for caring for aging parents.

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Disrupting Technologies: A Project to Live For

We are very grateful for YPO’s support of LifeBook’s quest to help people supporting their parents better. Roy, our founder.  was interviewed by YPO for their website about what inspired him to start LifeBook. It’s great to see such an amazing organization showing an interest in Roy’s campaign to help people care for their parents.

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The Times Visits LifeBook

Dave Waller from The Times visited LifeBook’s head office in Godalming for an interview with founder Roy Moëd. The interview resulted in David’s article “For everybody’s life story, there’s a ghostwriter”. He was intrigued by the titles of the memoirs in the bookshelf, including Unfinished Journey, I Hate Ships and Oil Companies.

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