Sunday Times “How much is your life story worth?”

“How much would you pay for the book of your life story?”

On 28th November 2021, LifeBook, the world’s leading private memoir and autobiography service, was featured in a Sunday Times article which delved into why more people than ever are commissioning ghostwriters to write the tales of their lives.

The article reveals how the demand for ghostwritten memoirs has boomed since the first lockdown in March 2020.

Why are they now so popular?

The Sunday Times tells us it’s the deeply personal nature of the processes involved that are playing a major part in the rise of bespoke memoirs. Everybody has a story to tell – and there is a perfect ghostwriter waiting to help turn memories into beautiful words. The writers spend hours skillfully building an understanding of the subject and a strong personal connection that often endures after the book is completed.

Alan Beckett, 86, who worked with an expert team of interviewers, project managers, ghostwriters and editors at LifeBook, to write his story, told The Sunday Times:

“I’m certain my ghostwriter could read my mind. She got things exactly right. It’s like she had known me my whole life.”

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Alans LifeBook “I Did It My Way”

Memories turned into vivid prose

The article explains how ghostwriters capture the unique voice of the author. While some might think their lives have been uneventful, we have all lived through incredible times and with the help of the writers, memories are turned into vivid prose.

The Sunday Times highlights how it’s not just the authors who are buying the service, but their families too. Many people are choosing to preserve the stories of their loved ones for the generations to come by gifting a memoir. Those that do can often discover secrets and surprises from the past, The Sunday Times explains.

Just do it

Maybe you’re thinking of putting your life into words, or you’re considering buying a memoir service for a loved one. Luke Hallard, 49, who gifted his father a LifeBook memoir as a 70th birthday present, has no regrets. He told The Sunday Times:

“Anyone considering it should just go for it. You never know how long relatives are going to be around or how long they are going to be mentally able. Anything could happen, and this preserves their memories forever.”

The article on The Sunday Times website can be found here.


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