Glen Bird

Memoir Interviewer Testimonial – Glen Bird

Glen Bird, talks about being a LifeBook interviewer

My Name is Glen Bird and I am an interviewer for LifeBook. I’m absolutely delighted with the job, it just suits me perfectly.

I’ve found LifeBook a very professional, accommodating, and efficient company. My interviewees were so interesting and it’s just the idea of doing it that I loved. I love meeting interesting people and knowing about them and especially doing it the way that I did where people were very relaxed in their own home.

I’m really interested in people and probably a frustrated psychoanalyst, but I love asking about their life and what they do and listening. I don’t feel the need to tell people about me but I’m fascinated knowing how others think and what they do and what they’ve done. My authors loved the idea of their life being in writing for future generations and it brought history alive, for you know people that follow them.

Actually, it really made me regret not asking my parents and my grandparents more. I would do it now if I could, but I just really, really enjoyed the whole process. The working hours suited me perfectly and I’ve been in business all my life and I’ve dealt with people in sales or I’ve had staff all my life so I just love the interaction with people and this was the perfect job for me.

LifeBook were great at communicating with me and also the ghostwriter and the editor communicated regularly, everybody was so helpful, they provided with all the equipment and if you’re thinking of doing it I can thoroughly recommend it and I hope to just continue onwards for ever more.

Thanks for listening, enjoy bye.

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