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Memoir Gifter Testimonial – Ariel Eckstein

LifeBook’s client Ariel Eckstein shares one of his ‘greatest regrets’

As the founder of LifeBook, I regularly hear the remorseful words, ‘I wish I had my […]’s memoirs, but it’s too late.’

LifeBook talks to thousands of people every year about capturing a loved one’s life story to produce a memoir for future generations. However, one of our biggest frustrations is when someone definitely wants the memoir but wants to ‘think about it’, and then, for whatever reason, they leave it too long and end up regretting it when either their loved one’s memory has faded or they have passed away and it’s no longer possible.

On one such occasion, a close friend, Ariel Eckstein, had for over a year been saying to me, ‘Roy, I really want my father’s autobiography and must get around to commissioning LifeBook to do it for me.’ He eventually placed the order over a year later. It was too late …

It wasn’t the price; it was because he had been just ‘too busy’ to pick up the phone and order it.

Ariel very kindly and very bravely tells the story of his regret in this short interview to help others avoid making the same mistake. If you want a loved one’s autobiography, just do it.

“I first heard of LifeBook when I met Roy Moëd, its founder, and it was intriguing to me, particularly on a personal level. I was living in London, my father was living in Mexico City, and we never had enough time together. I had a young family and I was always so busy, so I would see Roy and he’d suggest I’d start, and there was always a reason why not. Finally, I bumped into him about a year later, and I said, ‘I’ve got to stop procrastinating. Please call me tomorrow, I’ll give you my credit card and let’s start.’ He did it. We did it, and LifeBook was able to get a local interviewer in Mexico City to get in touch with my father immediately to set up a date for the first interview.

Unfortunately, just three days before they were about to interview, my father did pass away, and so I don’t have my father’s memoir, which is one of my greatest regrets. It’s such an amazing gift for me and for my children; having had that, I’d encourage everybody to explore LifeBook and get going with it today. ”

– Ariel Eckstein –

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