Through the Glass, Michael Collison

Memoir Author Testimonial – Michael Collison

Michael sent us a letter sharing his experience writing Through the Glass

I’d had many fleeting thoughts over around 10–15 years about writing my life story for my family, who, through various circumstances and certain events in my life, knew very little about me.

A long time ago, I began to write, but somehow and for various reasons I just never got down to giving the idea consistent time or detailed attention. Then, one day, in my late 70s … wham! I suffered a thrombosis in the head and had a mini-stroke, leaving me partially sighted.

I knew then that I had to somehow set down and write my book before it was too late. I researched the Internet and came across LifeBook.

Over the next 10–11 months, I had several interviews in my home, which included tape recording my story section by section, scanning old photos and also having several conversations with my assigned project manager.

I found that the whole process, after various corrections and design considerations, was a very fulfilling and self-disciplining experience, and I would recommend LifeBook to anyone who has thought of writing their life story for family posterity.

When eventually I held the finished books in my hands, I felt a sense of great achievement. My greatest joy was when my youngest granddaughter, aged 11, said to me, “Thank you, Grandad. I will treasure this all my life and pass it on to my grandchildren.” My other grandchildren were also delighted with the various photos that I had inserted, showing their ancestors and great-grandparents.

I could not have achieved writing my autobiography without the help, guidance, and support of the LifeBook, in particular, my project manager Tom Harnett, who was always to hand and ready to guide, support, and advise me throughout the whole process.

Many thanks,

– Mike –

LifeBook, Michael S. Collison

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