LifeBook - Memoir Testimonial - Sonny and Lois

Memoir Author Testimonial – Dr. Gershon “Sonny” Stern

Sonny’s experience with LifeBook

Dr. Gershon “Sonny” Stern was one of the fascinating authors we worked with during the Covid-19 restrictions. His memoir, The Rabinowitz Rule by the Son of a Chicken Farmer, covers growing up during wartime, setting up his successful orthodontist practice, building a family with his beautiful wife Lois, and other captivating moments of his life.

His project manager Isabella and the rest of the team really appreciated working with Sonny and he kindly offered to share his experience over a zoom video.

Thank you very much Sonny for entrusting us with your memoir and for sharing your thoughts about your project manager Isabella and the rest of the team.

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