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LifeBook’s latest project: “The Real Life of Brian”

The Real Life of Brian is the title of Mr Brian Hallard’s LifeBook autobiography

The LifeBook team are very proud to announce the completion of Mr Brian Hallard’s LifeBook. We see here Mr Hallard’s wife, Diana, and son, Luke. From LifeBook we have Roy Moëd (our founder) and Lianne, Mr Hallard’s project manager. The venue is the private club 67 Pall Mall.

Brian and his son

Brian and his son, Luke.

Present LifeBooks and Table Topper

The wrapped LifeBook

67 Pall Mall

67 Pall Mall Wine Club

An Unlikely Encounter

At Christmas, year after year, I used to volunteer for 10 days, working with Crisis in London at their central warehouse. We coordinated the collection of Crisis guests and also the distribution of food and services in and around London to all the charity’s homeless shelters. Hundreds of wonderful volunteers would come to assist each day, loading and driving vehicles wherever needed. Most of the time we were frantically busy, but occasionally there would be a window of opportunity when we could talk to the other voluntary workers. From the Goldman Sachs banker to the coach driver or the guardsman normally on duty outside Buckingham Palace, we were all doing our bit to help those less fortunate than ourselves. On one occasion, I must have shared our LifeBook story, explaining what we did; that is, writing private autobiographies and memoirs for families to share.

One day, a call came from a name and face I knew well, having spent many Christmases volunteering together. He and his brother had decided to purchase a LifeBook for their father’s birthday. His father was delighted with the gift. When his personal project manager introduced herself to him, he explained that the challenge would be finding the time for his regular interviews as he was very busy running his theatre. We succeeded and here he is, along with his son, being presented with his books by Roy Moëd, the founder of LifeBook, and his personal project manager, in the library of a lovely private club in central London.

This video shows Brian opening his fantastic gift.

It’s been a fantastic journey for us. As we now present the LifeBook, the intrigue into your family begins.