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Closing 2020 With Forbes Interviewing LifeBook’s Founder

LifeBook is ending 2020 with a bang!

Is it possible to end 2020 better than LifeBook’s founder Roy Moëd being interviewed by Elaine Pofeldt for Forbes? The article, This Entrepreneur Has Built A Fast-Growing Business Helping Elderly People Tell Their Stories is centered around how Roy’s father Jules inspired him to set up LifeBook in 2012.

Jules memoir Life is for sharing, although not finalized as originally intended, ignited the start of the company.

LifeBook - The First Project

Elaine writes:
“When Roy Moëd met with his elderly father for lunch years ago, he felt both sad and frustrated when his dad repeated the same stories again and again. Realizing his father, then in his eighties, needed a way to share his history, Moëd decided to enlist his assistant, Kathy, to visit his father every week to allow him to reminisce and document his stories.”

LifeBook - Roy Moëd - Founder

Elaine continues with asking Roy about the impact of Covid-19. Roy says:
“Since COVID-19 arrived, our interviewers have trained their customers to use tablets so they can talk virtually. Twenty-five percent of our customers don’t have email and the average age of our customer is 82.”

You can read the full Forbes article here.

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