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LifeBook author Lore Graham visits the office

The Life of Lore Ilse Graham

We were recently visited by Mrs Lore Graham and her daughter-in-law, Elizabeth, who had commissioned the project. Mrs Graham arrived to pick up her copies of The Life of Lore Ilse Graham and kindly signed a copy for the LifeBook library.

When she was given the project as a gift, initially Lore wasn’t sure she would have enough to say to fill a book with stories; however, with the help of her interviewer Sorraya and the rest of the project team, the book took shape over the next few months!

We pieced together the manuscript

From Lore recalling the events surrounding Kristallnacht to her meeting the man who was to become her husband, as well as achieving a successful nursing career, we pieced together the manuscript. Through her amendments provided on each of the review copies sent to her as the project progressed, we were able to preserve her incredible stories and ensure that they were written in a way that was just right for her.

A fascinating book

The result was the production of a fascinating book about a lady who had overcome tremendous difficulties to forge a life for herself in a new country. Her family will now be able to keep her stories safe for generations to come.

Thank you, Lore and Liz. It has been wonderful to be a part of this fantastic project and we really enjoyed working on the book. Enjoy your LifeBook memoir!

– Tom Harnett, LifeBook Project Manager –
project manager