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A Life of Change – My Experience as a Ghostwriter

The authors whose memories I’ve helped to write for LifeBook come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some grew up ‘making do’, while others had well-off parents; some had easy childhoods while others struggled. However, one thing mentioned by nearly all of them is how things have changed during their LifeBooks.

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LifeBook Ghostwriter Editorial Fay Wrixon

Ghostwriter Fay Wrixon talks about her work with LifeBook

One of our most accomplished writers, Fay Wrixon, came to visit our Godalming office. Fay wanted to discuss a new bespoke project she is about to begin with LifeBook. Fay has written many books with us in her capacity as a ghostwriter and wanted to meet more members of the growing LifeBook team.

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LifeBook Editorial Alan Beckett

Author Alan Beckett – My Recollections of the Filming

Alan Beckett, LifeBook author, shares his experience of filming our TV commercial and his experience of working with his dedicated project team. He sums it up with: “I might not be the most important client of LifeBook, but everyone there has always treated me as though I am – it’s been wonderful and thank you”.

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LifeBook Autobiography 5 Books

Do You Want to Write Your Own Life Story?

Are you considering writing your life story? Are your family and friends constantly nudging you to get your act together and pen your autobiography? Is the idea of it compelling but a bit daunting? Have you tried but do not know where to start? We have put together a few questions that will help to get you into an autobiographical frame of mind.

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