Your gift of a LifeBook

When you gift a LifeBook memoir to someone amazing, we will send them a very special Welcome Pack containing a Video Presentation.

This will allow them to sit back, watch and fully understand the rewarding experience you have just given them, in a relaxed and enjoyable way.

The Video Presentation is designed to show how simple and enjoyable we will make their memoir-writing journey and to reassure them that we will do all the hard work, leaving them to look forward to a richly rewarding experience. It describes the journey they are embarking on, from meeting their specially selected interviewer to the completion of their very own book.

The video above shows how they will receive your gift.

The video beneath will be the exact presentation your loved one can watch in their Welcome Pack.

The Welcome Pack will also include their own personal Journal. This can be useful in helping people to recall and retell their life stories.

Many of us store away our thoughts and memories, and they don’t always come immediately to mind, so the Journal contains lots of clever ideas and prompts to help your loved one recall their life’s stories. There are also pages on which they can make notes to share with their interviewer, if they find that helpful. The Journal, however, is designed to support – it is not essential – so your loved one can use it however they would like to. All of this is clearly explained in the Video Presentation.

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