lifebook editorial fathers day 2016

Father’s Day – A Unique Gift for a Unique Father

A memoir was the unique father’s day gift they were looking for

LifeBook offers a meaningful Father’s Day gift with a difference: the once-in-a-LifeBook opportunity to record your father’s life journey in his very own personal autobiography; a treasured archive that will leave a legacy for generations to come.


It’s hard to buy a Father’s Day present for the man who has everything, so LifeBook is offering a gift with a difference. The company specialises in helping people to record their life’s journey—a tangible embodiment of personal triumphs and hardships.

For Bob Fitzsimmons and his sister, LifeBook was exactly the unique gift they were looking for to give to their 70-year-old father, Tom, based in Florida.

“It just seemed like a perfect fit. We thought it was appropriate to try something not only out of the box but also something meaningful,” Mr. Fitzsimmons said.

“My father was certainly intrigued by it. Actually, in the beginning, he was almost a little confused. He didn’t even know that such a gift existed or that there was such a thing out there. So, for him, after explaining exactly what my sister and I had given him, he was thrilled. He thought that it was such a unique idea and he really embraced the idea from the beginning,” he said.

“It was really more about the experience that we were seeking to give, as opposed to a finished, tangible product. That was less important to us. It was more about my father getting something out of this that he found to be fulfilling and enjoyable, which is what we accomplished and were pleased with.”

The LifeBook process helps people to tell their stories

Vice President of Author Development at LifeBook USA, Duane Roemmich, said the LifeBook method involves four to six months of face-to-face interviews, held regularly with a trained interviewer.

“The LifeBook process helps people to tell their stories. Information gathered is then documented in their very own personal autobiography. It becomes a treasured archive that can live on for generations,” Mr. Roemmich said.

For Bob Fitzsimmons, it’s this legacy that has been an unexpected, but very positive, outcome of his father’s LifeBook experience.

“I think this is one of those gifts that will give back many years from now to a lot of people, especially my children and my sister’s children who probably can’t appreciate it fully at this stage of their life,” Mr. Fitzsimmons said.