lifebook editorial franklins autobiography

A LifeBook Record – 608 pages

John Franklin sets the record with his very long and interesting memoir

We were very pleased to be visited by our LifeBook author, John Franklin, this week. He popped in to sign our office copy, after a long day of signing copies for his friends and family!


David Holdroyd signingJohn worked with LifeBook’s bespoke service to complete a manuscript into which he had put many years of hard work.

Whilst our normal autobiographies are usually around 160 pages long with 60 photographs, at 608 pages and with numerous photographs, letters and documents, The Weaver and His Crinoline Lady is our biggest LifeBook memoir yet!

This beautiful large-format book with a custom-designed cover was finally completed in just five months.

John said: “Amazing what the end product has turned out to be. Something LifeBook can be proud of! A very big thank you to my project manager, Caroline, for the great effort and professionalism she brought to making the tome the fine end product it is.”

Congratulations John; you and your loved ones are now in possession of a legacy you can treasure forever.

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